Michael Malarkey Sunday’s on TwitchTV

Posted by - August 01, 2020

Michael Malarkey is not only an actor, but he is a musician. Michael is a recording and touring musician. *Discography includes* Feed The Flames EP( 2014) Knots EP (2015) Mongrels (2017) Captain Solitaire EP (2018) Graveracer (2020)

Every Sunday from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CDT on TwitchTV  Michael dives deep into a discussion about his latest album Graveracer. He will tell backstories for his music, lyrics, and gigs. He often play acoustic sets for the fans on TwitcTV and sometimes spills the tea about the TV shows he’s played on.  Michael will also answer questions, and chat with fans. Make sure to check him out on TwitchTV, Follow and Subscribe.

For more information about Michael and his music visit his official website.


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