The Next #SaveBlueBookSaturday Is On August 1st, 2020

Posted by - July 26, 2020

Next #SaveBlueBookSaturday Is On August 1st, 2020

The next one is specifically targeted toward PeacockTV. That means to tag @PeacockTV with every #SaveBlueBook tweet or Instagram post.

We would like to increase our social media reach, but also make studios aware of #SaveBlueBook. We continue to celebrate #SaveBlueBookSaturday each weekend from now on, targeted to different specific studios and networks Saturday by Saturday.

We ALL need to tweet, actually, as many tweets as we can (every account can tweet 100 tweets per hour, 1.000 per day, that´s the limit). Please prepare yourself, compose your tweet, make sure #SaveBlueBook is typed in there, attach your artwork, videos, etc. if you can. Attaching photos, GIFs, videos are ‘rich media’ that attract more attention. If you’ve got space, add #ProjectBlueBook, too. The most important is to use #SaveBlueBook and tag @PeacockTV.

Like past weekend we hope to try to get it done in the same time period. But if you can’t do that, just tweet. Every tweet counts!

We’ve chosen 5:00 pm EST again (New York City Time) on Saturday, August 1st as it gives people worldwide the best chance to tweet live.

To tweet at the same time all together please have a look at the specific time frames for most major cities below:

Saturday, August 1st, 5:00 pm EST:

Los Angeles 2:00 pm
Mexico City 4:00 pm
New York 5:00 pm
Sao Paulo 6:00 pm
London 10:00pm
Berlin / Rome 11:00pm
Moscow 12:00pm

Sunday, August 2nd:
Hong Kong 5:00 am
Tokyo 6:00 am
Sydney 7:00 am

Twitter users:
To prepare your tweets you can either do it on a web browser please see the description below:

1. Compose your tweet
2. Schedule your tweet so the date is June 20th and the time is 5:00 pm (or close to it) NY time. Click ‘confirm’
3. You’ll be sent back to the tweet, which you can then exit
4. If you want to check, just click on ‘unseen tweets’ in the upper right corner (or start a new tweet and you’ll see unseen tweets)
5. Confirm time/date and then back out. You’re all set

If you have a bunch of tweets you want to send, you can compose them, and schedule to send out every five minutes to help build up volume. If we can get all our tweets posted between around 5:00 PM ET, we stand a chance to get #SaveBlueBook to trend.

If you’re unsure of using this Schedule Tweet button, no problem – just make sure your tweet gets posted on Saturday, preferably around 5:00 pm ET/New York City time period.

By using a mobile device you can create your tweet and save it as a draft. Going back to creating a new tweet you will have the option in the upper right corner to access drafts again and sending your tweet immediately.

Instagram users: Please make your posts, encourage anybody who visits to post on Saturday (5 pm ET, New York City time zone) as well. If you have more than 10k followers on Instagram you are also able to share swipe up links in your story.

We’ll track social media reach and let you know about our success. For any questions, you can contact me on Twitter @Carsten1186 or @wraithfodder from The Blue Book Files on her Twitter, too.

Many thanks again for your support! Please stay safe and see you on social media this Saturday!


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